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How Much Info Do Surfers Deal With Every Minute They’re Online?

A company named wanted to illustrate the extreme pressure that the average surfer has to contend with.

So the company created the following *infographic” to show what’s happening during one random minute online


Their infographic suggests that there are 2 million searches on Google, 72 hours of videos uploaded onto YouTube, 42 thousands post every second and 1.8 million likes on Facebook, and 204 million emails sent every minute.

* Infographics are specific types of images used on web pages that generally contain both image and text.

I wrote, "suggests" because although produced a really interesting chart, it’s not presently possible to be highly accurate about any of this.

More And More People Are Feeling Overwhelmed

The overall hi-tech bombardment of beeps, offers and changes etc. has now become so intense that more and more people are now struggling with it.

If you are too, then maybe just slow down.

Because your emails, your Facebook, and Twitter, Instagram and comments etc. will still be there when you get around to checking them, and you can easily get back to any Skype messages that you missed.

And the videos you want to check out will almost certainly still be on Youtube, unless they’re highly controversial in some way, which caused them to be pulled.

Use And Not Be Used

So if the Internet is stressing you out instead of helping you, then learn to use it, and learn not to let it use you.

How Are You Doing On The Web

Are you having a hard time on the Internet?

Or is it just a breeze for you?