Now You Can Charge Your Phone Using Wi-Fi

Now You Can Charge Your Phone Using Wi-Fi

Now You Can Charge Your Phone Via Wi-Fi On A Powermat

Israel’s Powermat technology, which allows wireless charging of phones, has already won over Starbucks.

Now You Can Charge Your Phone Using Wi-Fi

The Powermat lets you charge your phone without wires or cords or worries.

The Powermat App was developed to help you always keep your devices charged.

The app lets you know when your battery is running low and where the nearest Powermat Spot is located.

So you’re always in the loop and always connected!

The Powermat Ring

The Powermat Ring

When plugged into your phone and placed on a Powermat Spot, the Powermat Ring wirelessly recharges your battery. Powermat charges your devices just as fast as a cord, while being conveniently within reach, which means no more crawling around on the floor looking for outlets.

The Powermat Ring comes in multiple colors and fits all Android and iPhone mobile devices.

How Does It Work?

Simply visit a Powermat locations, plug in your Ring and place on a Powermat Spot to start charging.

Powermat Enabled Devices

All Powermat Spots comply with the PMA wireless charging standard.

If you have an enabled phone you don’t need a Powermat Ring and there are a variety of devices and accessories that support the PMA standard.

Powermat’s estimated net worth stands at 500 million dollars.

But its success is far from assured, as it has several heavyweight competitors.

There are currently several competing standards in the world attempting to determine how wireless charging technology will work, and each of them wants to be the universal standard.

Powermat promotes its standard, called PMA but is competing with a technology standard called Qi, which is already widespread.

Powermat’s technology is soon expected to be used in leading smart-phone models as well, but the current ‘standards war’ is delaying the entry of wireless charging into the marketplace.

Everyone is afraid to gamble on a particular standard for fear that it will be on the losing end.

So Who Will Win The Wi-Fi Battery Charging War?

The question most probably boils down to which technology is the most practical, efficient, and energy-saving.

When you project energy into a room, you lose a lot of it on the way, and we don’t want to waste energy.

So the company that can best do that, may well be the winner.

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