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The Chromebook 11 Will Soon Be Ten Times Faster


The Chromebook 11 Will Soon Be Ten Times Faster

The Chromebook 11 Will Soon Be Ten Times Faster

A new hi-tech deal that’s just been signed, has pushed Altair Semiconductor, Israel, into a whole new league!

The company, whose only product is 4G (LTE) chipsets for devices, is an Israeli start-up that is now going to give the telecom giant Qualcomm a run for its money.

So What’s The Big Deal?

Altair Semiconductor won a deal to install its communications chipset in the latest Chromebook 11 that’s now being produced by Google and HP.

"This is a really big deal for us, and for 4G in general".

"4G is still a much smaller market than 3G, and it hasn’t been big enough for Qualcomm to try and compete with us until now. After this deal, I think that will change".

said Eran Eshed, CEO of the Hod Hasharon, Israel based company.

Long Term Evolution

The 4G, also known as the LTE (Long Term Evolution) communications standard, is the next big thing in cellphone data communications.

Currently, most people are still using devices that only support 3G, but 4G (G=generation) is up to ten times faster than 3G, and more and more device manufacturers are coming out with products that support 4G.

What Is A Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a cloud-connected notebook based on Google’s Chrome operating system, and it runs Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet, etc. with data being stored on Google’s servers.

High Speeds Are Essential

And super fast communication is essential because you have to be on-line to do anything meaninfully productive.

Until now, most Chromebook models have utilized wifi as their main communication protocol, meaning you can really only do productive work if you’re at home, at the office, or in a coffee shop.

How Popular Are Chromebooks?

Despite their present limitations, Chromebooks are already hot sellers, said Eshed.

"Google doesn’t announce official figures, but from what I gather about 10% of notebooks shipped last year were Chromebooks, and 20% of all notebooks sold to education institutions were Chromebooks".

Why Are Chromebooks Already So Popular?

The price of a Chromebook 11 averages between $250 and $500, which makes it the most reasonably priced notebook on the market given the power and capabilities provided.

Destined To Be Huge Sellers

How much bigger will the market be when the new Chromebook 11 by Google and HP, start utilizing the Altair FourGee-3100/6202 chipset?

"With 4G you will be able to connect from anywhere at super-fast speeds, and that speed, combined with the price factor, means that these Chromebooks will be big sellers".

"All that’s missing is the network, and hooking up with a service provider that can ‘do’ 4G".

"Altair, Google, and HP have a solution for that too. In the form of a deal with Verizon, the U.S. carrier, to provide 4G connections for purchasers of the new Chromebooks. “Verizon’s 4G network extends throughout the country, available throughout its coverage area. So all the factors are in place for a bug surge of Chromebook sales".

said Eshed.

Just $100 More For 4G!

The Chromebook 11 which was launched in October 2013 presently sells for around $279 for the Wifi-only version, but for just another $100 you can get a version that includes both wifi and 4G.

"And buyers who commit to a contract for 4G get an additional $50 off the monthly connection fee, discounted".

said Eshed.

How Come So Cheap?

"The reason the Chromebooks are so cheap is due to numerous factors, including the lower margin on the Altair single-mode (4G only) chipset, as compared to the multimode (3G/4G) chipsets Qualcomm makes. We can produce our single mode chipset for about half of what they can, and those savings are passed onto the consumer".

said Eshed.